Back in 1990 when Chessington announced The Vampire to the world, in a new area called Transylvania the excitement for the UK’s first swinging roller coaster and the World’s first to dive underground was massive. While in the deserved hype that the Vampire got, there was another ride which made up the area and that was Professor Burp’s Bubble Works. Set in the heart of Transylvania for first timers (more at the time than now) no one really knew much about the ride. Yet to the present day of closing it was nearly as popular as the Vampire itself!

The story is very simple and while many may have questioned whether this fits into the Transylvania theme it was part of the furniture. Sit back, relax and take a step out of reality while Professor Burp invites you on a tour of his wacky Soda factory, a step out of the normal and into what was one of the best dark rides there is and is easily the best family attraction at Chessington.

Let’s now take the tour through Professor Burps Magical Pop Soda factory! And see the story come to life!

The start to your factory journey, once entered into the factory, you embark on your journey to the boats, many posters advertising the pop, excellent backdrops, very catchy music, and always something to look at, in fact once inside the factory, there’s plenty to keep you entertained on your way up and over the track, and down to the boats.

On the first section of the tour, Professor Burps Office and Burp himself is there to welcome you to the factory!

Fruit and Fiesta! Watch as the juices are extracted in some weird and wonderful different ways! Also sets the tone for the Bubble Works with the smell of juices all around!

Welcome to the Gas Chambers! See which and what gases are going into your soda drink, all under the watchful eye of Professor Burp!

Watch out! You’re now entering the Pressure Room! The most unstable part of the tour and testing is in progress!

This is what can happen when things go wrong! The monster moves in for the kill in the only scene in this section, linked strongly to the last one.

Back out of danger and into the Hawaiian mixing room! Many ways in which to mix the soda, Hippo, Birds, and Jacuzzi’s!

Blast off time, with out of space soda!

The testing room, with the gas test meter and the Hic-Cups, one of which I now own!

Now the testing has been done, its time for bottling the soda in the bottling department, but just like the rest of the factory, things aren’t going to plan!

The Bottling is now done, and its time to arrange transport for the soda, in a fair ground setting the Cola Coaster, bumper Folk lifts and Carousels are all full of Soda! Professor Burp keeps everything moving!

You are now in the quiet zone, moving up slowly you are about to enter the finale of the tour.

For what is the finished product, you get to see the fruit juices are all there glory in the fountain. finale!

Once you are done inside, pop in again as you go through the fireworks back to the ride station.

So just why is this ride that good? Well to be fair if you can’t answer that after the tour you’ll never know! This is a massive ride in Chessington’s history and is so weird, colourful, different, or summed up nicely “original” that it may never be bettered!

For those that were lucky (or could be bothered) Chessington held a “Last Ride” for the Bubble Works on 31-10-05 With exclusive ride time between 8.30pm onwards, we all got out exclusive last ride mouse mats and got (eventually) a few rides before the big change next year. Excellent staff, great to see and was happy to go!