Chessington Extras

Some of the best parts! Take a look back at some of the great moments

Bubble Works
Perhaps the most missed ride in Chessington history, Bubble Works is now closed forever. You can relive both versions of the Bubble Works in full only here on Chessington UK.

Winters Tail 2014
The Christmas event for 2014 is the Winters Tail, with an all new Grotto along with an all new show The Gruffalo!

Winters Tail 2015
The Christmas event for 2015 returned as Winters Tail Winters Tail, with the outdoor Grotto and the Zoo.

Winters Tail 2016
The Christmas event for 2016 returned as Winters Tail Winters Tail, with the outdoor Grotto and the Zoo returning with a special Pandomonium show.

Zoo 75th Anniversary
In 2006 Chessington celebrated 75 years of being a Zoo, see what they displayed for guests to learn about this history.

Animal Adventures Zoo 85th Anniversary
February half term brought Animal Adventures to the park, with the Zoo open complete with new Birds of Pray show and backstage Giraffe Tours.

Science Week 2015
The parks usually put up quizzes and displays for Science Week with 2015 being no different!

African Adventures 2015
Half term kicked off the Chessington season in 2015 with African Adventures.

African Adventures 2017
Half term kicked off the Chessington season in 2017 with African Adventures.

Events Past
A look back at some of the Events and shows that Chessington has put on for the families over the past few years.

Follow the construction of some of the largest projects in the past few years, Land of the Dragons, including Dragon’s Fury, Safari Lodge hotel and more!

Howloween at Chessington
Chessington’s Halloween known as Howloween formally Halloween Hocus Pocus, the biggest event of the year with full and exclusive coverage dating back to 2003, with day and night pictures of the event.

Farewell Beanoland
Take a look at the end of Beanoland in 2009, as Chessington sent it out with a huge Pie Fight!

The Twilight Zone, 21 years of the Vampire
Celebrate 21 years of the Vampire, with 21 days of the Twilight Zone!

Mystic Carnival 2011
Join in the celebrations as the Mystic Carnival comes to Chessington, with special guests!

Chessington 30
Take a look at the celebrations for Chessington’s 30th birthday in 2017.