The time has come to get up close with some of the most powerful feared animals on the Planet with the Trail of the Kings bringing together some rare and dangerous animals.

Western Lowland Gorillas – Lead by the retired Kumba the park has 11 Gorillas which are divided into 2 groups each with a dominate male. Along with Kumba Damisi is the parks other dominate male.

Sumatran Tigers – One of the most rare animals in the world the Tigers at the park are now mother and daughter combination of Ratna and Kelabu. Chessignton have been very successful at breading these Tigers and will continue to be part of the breeding program for years to come.

Asiatic Lions – The parks new male Lion Kamal joins the park in 2016, he is paired with the young female Rani who arrived at the park in 2014. There have been some Lion Cubs born late 2016!

Binturong – Commonly known as the Bear cat the park has three in residence, Jelita, Awam and Ayu. They spend most of their time climbing trees.

Fossa – Found only in the deep forest of Madacascar, Chessington have two fossas, male Kimbato and female Perinet.

Ocelot – Arrived at the park mid December 2013, the Ocelot “Itchy” is located next to the Lions

Walk through the Trail of the Kings refreshed for 2016 with new scenery!