Halloween is here, and of course that means – Scares! Amongst the list is the prestigious ‘Thorpe Park Fright Nights’ with 2018 being scarier than ever, nowhere is safe! With some repeat mazes in which we have seen in previous years at the park, they now have 3 brand new mazes and 2 new scare zones.

Please be aware that this review will contain spoilers for each of the mazes, this also is our own personal opinion.

Vulcan Peak –
‘The tribal lords of the Jungle have been summoned and by the Harvest Moon of October their power is strongest. Hooded and marched into the depths of the wild, you must rely on only your most primal instincts to keep your wits about you and make it out with you flesh and bones intact. The sinister beat of the jungle drums and the chanting of an unknown language overwhelm your senses as you edge your way closer to the belly of the beast to meet your doom. Will the Jungle gods be merciful or will you be sacrificed to the fires of Vulcan Peak?’

Now, we really didn’t know what to expect from Vulcan Peak. We do try and not read too much before we go to experience things so we are hit with some surprise. The only thing we were certain on was that it is a bag over heads job! Situated inside ‘I’m a Celebrity’ attraction, after a short pre-show explaining the area you are about to go and ‘see’ you are asked the place a bag on your head. Just a note, these bags we found were very tight around the head and proved to be a little bit uncomfortable. If you are claustrophobic then definitely see if this is the right maze for you before you line up for it. After placing the bag on our heads, we were asked to place one hand on the shoulder of the person in front and one hand on the rope to your left; this is how you guide yourself through the maze. This rope is very sporadic and goes from incredibly low, to very high! Don’t panic if you lose track of the rope, you’ll easily be able to find it again. We found this maze… interesting, not very scary. The only actor we seemed to come across the entire thing was when they stood in front of one of us to split the line-up and then left again – this maze relies heavily on music and feel, as it still has the same route you went through there are some difficult places to manoeuvre with a bag on your head! We did enjoy the difference in this maze for Thorpe Park, but it wouldn’t be the first one we line up for! 

Dead Creek Woods –
‘The previously pleasant surroundings of Dead Creek Woods have taken an apocalyptic turn in 2018. Once a popular tourist spot famed for its stunning natural beauty, these decaying woods are now infamous for an entirely different reason. The poor souls who didn’t evacuate in time before the virus took hold are now condemned to remain in their squalid quarantine forever, and it’s up to you to navigate this formerly thriving scenic town and make it out the other side without becoming infected and doomed yourself’

Situated the base of the old Canada Creek Railway, Dead Creek Woods take over the previous entrance for Blair Witch, also if you went during the summer you’ll recognise this as the same route for their ‘Zombie Hunt’ experience. Walking through the eerie woods, you’ll go through different areas of this town which have been infected with this outbreak. As you first walk in you are greeted by a doctor who explains what has happened and what you need to do, although if you look into her eyes all may not be as it seems… Walking through, trying to escape you come across numerous infected people, with warning signs dotted around. Some of the actors are in a small stage on the infection, warning you not to go any further and trying to find their family.
We thought Dead Creek Woods was a great addition to 2018 Fright Nights with the atmosphere being incredibly eerie and a good amount of scares to go with it. Make sure you do not miss this one! 

The Walking Dead: Do or Die! –
‘Your road to safety is within reach as you make your way through the compound to reach Sanctum in this live-action outdoor maze. Follow in the footsteps of survivors on your journey to refuge and meet the local residents. But it seems gaining a place at Sanctum isn’t as easy as it seems, you must find food or become food. Rumour has it that there is an unexpected Del Arno trailer nearby that might have supplies, but beware of what may be lurking in the dark. Will you survive AMC’s The Walking Dead: Do or DIE?’

Taking over from Sanctum last year, sees the return of another outdoor Walking Dead maze but this time with Do or Die. We were very disappointed last year with Sanctum, so we were expecting this one to be pretty similar. We were WRONG! This is a fully immersive experience in which you get fully involved with the characters and story, finding yourself believing you are truly involved. Meeting different characters who are trying to get you to join their ‘safe’ zone you will walk through the school bus into the gardens, until things start to take a sinister turn. As you leave the blissful gardens, you find yourself in their ‘butcher’ section. Witness what they do to people who try to escape!
Definitely our favourite for 2018

The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare –
‘Nightmares become reality as you find yourself with other survivors at the terrifying mercy of the notorious Saviours. On the brink of imminent death, relive the horror of the story so far in THE WALKING DEAD: Living Nightmare. Experience terrifying iconic scenes of the world’s biggest horror franchise including the world’s first experience of Season 7. Choose your path and decide your fate, will you escape the clutches of Negan and the Saviours in THE WALKING DEAD: Living Nightmare?’

The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare is a return maze, although they had their extreme version this year also. We found this one closer to the extreme version than the Halloween 2017 one. We had numerous reports that they had removed the Negan scene at the beginning, which is disappointing as the actors they got in for that are always superb. Although! We weren’t disappointed as Negan was still there to explain to us that all the stuff we have, he owns… still! The actors just do a great job getting you involved and frightened before you enter the maze, they never break character (even when people do run back through the entrance!) and really set up the rest of the maze for you. Majority of this maze is practically the same as what you would have seen before. You start in Ricks hospital room, then venture into the hospital, you see the governors room and also the prison. One thing I noticed that wasn’t there was that last year they used the small ‘torture’ room as a little scene, although this year you just walked straight through it. You still have the great strobes at the end with Walkers trying to get you, until you escape onto a schoolbus. Now, this is the part that is slightly different, you meet a person who explains what is happening and where we need to go, but half way through they get dragged off and bitten! Just a word of advice, this part had very strong language, so please keep that in mind if taking younger people inside. We still love this maze due to the great interior inside, it really does look incredible. Especially the prison! But, also we will also love the Negan at the beginning, they honestly do such a great job and could be a competition to the man himself!

Blair Witch –
‘After a year of peace in the cursed Black Hills of Burkitsville, the BLAIR WITCH is back at THORPE PARK resort and is even more terrifying than before. Venture deep into the terrifying wilderness and battle the elements as you fight to take on the evil that lurks beyond the darkness. And remember: never spend the night, never look in her eyes and never turn away from the corner. There’s something evil hiding in the woods – dare you enter after night fall?’

Blair Witch returns again for 2018, but this with a more up to version basing itself on the 2016 movie rather than the 1999 classic. With a new entrance situated next door to I’m a Celeb it takes a different route round the back of the old woods. The entire has maze has a huge revamp with new scenes throughout the entirety. Incredibly dark, it starts off with your group sitting round a campfire with somebody telling you the old tale/myth of the Blair Witch and what you should do if you ever encounter her. After they let you go to explore the woods yourself, you see the iconic sign of ‘Welcome to Burkittsville’ as you begin the walkthrough.. As you trek along you will find belongings of camp members, tents and items thrown around and obviously the iconic Blair Witch symbol hanging everywhere within the trees. You will se some of the people who have tried to hunt for the Blair Witch but haven’t fared very well. The ending is pretty similar as to what you may have seen before, but this time the house is on a much larger scale and houses a few more actors than previous scares. Really impressed with updated scenery within Blair Witch for 2018.

Saw Alive –
‘From the twisted minds that created the world’s most terrifying roller coaster SAW – The Ride, comes the world’s most extreme live action maze – now with even more evil for 2018! Visitors will come face to face with the sadistic Billy puppet and face his nightmarish games… winding their way through this brilliantly themed multi-roomed maze. With each room based on an iconic scene from the terrifying SAW films, guests will have to test their nerve in some of the movies’ most memorable traps. Escape freezing temperatures, brave foul stenches and feel your heart race in the darkness.’

Saw Alive has been a regular within Fright Nights for years now and not one we aren’t used to seeing. As everyone knows, this is a permanent maze fixture within Thorpe Park which opens sporadically throughout the year. The maze inside pretty much goes untouched when it closed, so it is the same as when you have walked through it before. Needless to say, this maze does still provide some scares with very dark patches throughout. We have done this maze countless of times, but we always still enjoy it.

Platform 15 –
‘Take your turn to walk the Island’s deserted railroad in this live action scare maze, PLATFORM 15. Depart on a one way ticket and trek along the overgrown railway line, the last known route of the vanished locomotive – the notorious Sleeper Express. Don’t lose your tracks and risk disturbing the haunted souls that were once aboard, or you may just experience the same chilling fate. Can you outrun what lies at the end of the line or will your journey terminate here, at PLATFORM 15?’

Alongside these mazes, we also had some new Scare Zones. Big Top: Showtime is located inside the Dome just at the entrance to Thorpe Park. Terror at Amity High ranges through the park but we found them most prominent outside Stealth and Tidal Wave.

Unfortunately, the two times we managed to get through this maze on our preview night we had some very drunk guests with us. Not saying that it’s a bad thing! But it does cause them to cause some disrupt in the mazes, so we had to try and run ahead of them to experience this the way it should be. This takes the same route it has done before, although the scripting has changed slightly to make it seem more realistic and believable. We even fell for some of it ourselves, asking when we came out if that was part of the story or not! Walking through the very back of Thorpe Park you meet numerous wedding guests who have met an end and trying to find their way back. You still head into a small village type area with houses dotted around and sadistic creatures lurking out at you. Then, the tunnel… Platform 15s tunnel. Here again you meet a tour guide who gives a short speech on what to do and what not do. This tunnel is dark, in fact, PITCH black majority of the way through, until you come across the actors who have torches and they will scare you! Props to everyone who works in that tunnel, they do a great job bearing in mind they are in complete darkness. The ending has also changed from previous years, with you meeting a final actor and them grabbing you in to do a séance to try and reach the lost conductor. They ask for taps, which you will receive. Then, there is a large bolt of light and you are screamed at to leave, we have heard other reports that you see the conductor running out towards you, although I don’t think we caught it. This maze is incredibly spooky!

The Big Top: Showtime –
‘After The Big Top circus’ crazed clowns tore their colourful tent to the ground, it was time for the Figaro Bros. to find a new location for their travelling menagerie of torture and despair. But fear not – the show must go on! NEW for 2018, the bright lights of the Dome take on a more twisted and sinister glow as the hysterical cast of The Big Top continue their carnival of magic, mystery and mayhem, and the Figaro Bros. have only left the freakiest cast behind… IT’S SHOWTIME!’

We unfortunately missed the full show for this, but saw numerous clowns and circus freaks roaming around the park. One of the best we saw was the fire breather as we entered the dome, he got incredibly close (obviously a very trained and great professional). When we did manage to have a look at this scare zone, there were mimes and clowns tormenting people and laughing very creepily. Think this will be a great addition, especially as people just walk in. Gets them very prepared for the night ahead!

Terror at Amity High –
‘NEW for 2018, It’s Big Bobs homecoming bash, and the teens of Amity Cover are partying up at Make-Out Point behind the old Speedway. But these are no ordinary highschoolers – they’re always on the lookout for fresh young blood to join their gang and one swift bite to the next might take you from necking with Cindy the Prom Queen to joining the army of the un-dead for all eternity! Stay calm, try to blend in and hopefully you’ll survive the night… although the fangs DO look cool…’

If you’ve seen our vlog you see that we had quite an interaction with these guys, their costumes and make up look great! Very interactive, will come over to you and start a conversation and they never break character which is great. Even when the area was very quiet and we were the only ones there, quite a bit away you could see that they were still in their mode. Very funny and a great flash mob also!

All in all, we had a great time at Fright Nights and the area and mazes has definitely improved for the better. The mazes have a great amount of scares, but also they have added in some amazing scenery within them. If you’re thinking of going to Fright Nights for 2018, then definitely do! With all the mazes, zones and rides what not to be enjoyed!?