Brighton Pier
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Brighton Pier has a huge history of providing entertainment, and whilst we look at some of the rides the pier has to offer, it’s worth noting early there is much more to do. The pier is home to food, entertainment, arcades and shops its a real experience once your on there, and you can spend a long time above the water!

The rides may be basic but you have to remember where they are located! With a booster hanging off the end, and a looping coaster just above the water there is a lot to take it! Just opposite the pier is a Sealife so the area also has much more going on. Booster, Wild river ride and Turbo looping coaster all popular rides on the pier.

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of attraction 4/5

Madeira Drive, Brighton, E Sussex BN2 1TW
Roller Coasters
Turbo (1.3m Min)
Crazy Mouse (1.2m Min)
Family Attractions
Carousel (0.90m Min)
Dodgems (1.2m Min)
Helter Skelter (0.90m Min)
Horror Hotel (1.1m Min)
Waltzers (1.2m Min)
Twister (1.2m Min)
Thrill Rides
Air Race (1.2m Min)
Galaxia (1.0m Min)
Booster (1.4m Min)
Wild River (1.0m Min)
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