With the exception of more recent times for Saw and Swarm the park hasn’t really been known for well themed areas or rides, certainly this was also the case back in 2000 when Amity Cove came to life.

Opening with Tidal Wave, a European first water splash, Tidal Wave was the biggest investment in years and started off the more thrilling style rides at Thorpe Park with Amity Cove becoming a huge part of the area.

Today Amity Cove is now Amity Beach and has been extended right back with the opening of Stealth in 2006, including Sunken Gardens and Storm in a Teacup. Flying Fish was then added and with the removal of Octopus’ Garden came Storm Surge. In 2016 Depth Charge moved into the Amity Beach area.

Even with Saw and Swarm Island and many effects no longer working, Amity Beach is probably still the best looking area in the park also has the most games to get involved in. The main Thorpe Park mega store is also located in Amity Beach.
Amity's naughty bits
Amity Fish and Chips
The Amity Kebab
Coffee Shack
Baby changing
Disabled toilets

The toilets are located next to Thorpe Mega Store.
Amity Boardwalk Games - Arcade
Water Walkers - Game
Goal Striker - Game
Amity Tattoo shop
Thorpe Park Mega store
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